• Swiss Apostille

  • Switzerland, officially Swiss Confederation, is one of the top destinations for both travelers and business people. Situated in central Europe, it is home to amazing and breath-taking landscapes that can be found nowhere else. It is politically stable and externally has no major enemies or rivals because of its neutrality. Economically, it is one of the most advanced economies in the entire world, thanks to its developed financial industry and luxury watches! Every year, it attracts hundreds of thousands visitors from around the world.

    Switzerland has been a member of the Hague Apostille Convention since 1973. Documents destined for use in the country require an Apostille. An apostille is a certificate authenticating the signature, stamp/seal on a document. Any document executed abroad must be apostilled to be recognized in Switzerland, and public documents destined for other participating members of the Hague Convention require a Swiss apostille. Switzerland is not a member of the Europe Union(EU) but it borders France, Germany and Italy, all of which are parties of the Convention. Having a Swiss apostille on your document means it will be recognized in all these countries.

    People travel to Switzerland for various reasons, the most 2 common of which are sightseeing and business. Both official and corporate documents can be apostilled in Switzerland and the processes are pretty much the same. Should you have further queries regarding the topic, you can get a free consultation with one of our specialists by phone or email!