• Apostille Hong Kong High Court

  • As a global financial center, Hong Kong is a top destination for tourists and businesses of all sizes. Considered one of the most dynamic cities in Asia, it welcomes tens millions of visitors every year. It has won the title of "The Best Business City in the World" for over four years and beats its rivals in terms of efficiency, labor productivity, business-friendliness, and so on. It is no surprisethat many multi-nationals locate their global or regional headquarters in the city.

    Hong Kong is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention. Individuals and corporations can apply for a HK High Court apostille on their document so that it can be used in any other signatory to the Convention. The city uses both Chinese (traditional) and English as its official language, combined with its high government efficiency and transparency, making it one of the ideal places to start and run a business, and to seek legal services including document authentication with an apostille. TheHong Kong High Court Registry handles applications for apostille services.

    Both personal and commercial documents are accepted for apostille service. Below are some examples:

    - Marriage Certificate
    - Birth and Death Certificate
    - Certificate of Registered Particulars
    - Business Registration Certificate
    - Certificate of Incorporation

    Processing time is normally two working days, but the entire process can be complicated.

    Yaxin.vip is headquartered in Hong Kong, and has been providing HK apostilleto locals as well as people residing out of the city since 2009. If you need or have any query regarding HK High Court apostille, feel free to get in touch with us!