• German Apostille

  • As one of the most developed nations and the strongest economies in the world, Germany is a top destination for study and work. Every year travelers and international students visit Germany in large numbers. Situated in central Europe, Germany is famous for its wide range of landscapes, as well as its beers and customs. But most importantly, it is said to be the economic powerhouse in all of Europe; as it is the biggest economy in Europe, drawing hundreds of thousands of people from other parts of the European continent in search of job opportunities.

    Germany has been a member of the Hague Convention, which makes it relatively easy for international travelers to enter the country. Documents destined for use in Germany can be apostilled in any other country that is a signatory to the Hague Convention. Whether you want to further your study in Germany, or intend to set up a business, or live and work in Germany, you can obtain an apostille on your personal and commercial documents so that they can be recognized in Germany. And it goes both ways! If you are a German citizen or visitor residing in Germany, you can also apply for a German apostille on your documents for use outside Germany. The Germans are known for being efficient and meticulous. Obtaining a German apostille is relatively easy. Original documents are required to be apostilled in Germany.

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