• Chinese Embassy Certification Service

    The process of certifying documents for countries that are not members of the Hague Convention is called legalization. It is done through either the embassy or consulate of the country for which your documents are destined. Same as an apostille, embassy/consular authentication deals in both personal and corporate documents. 

    The process of certificate embassy attestation in the United States generally involves the following steps:

    1. State certification.
    2. Certified by the U.S.Department of State.
    3. Embassy/consulate legalization.

    State-level documents require state certification before being authenticated by the U.S Department of States,and documents issued by the Federal government can bypass this step.

    Depending on which country your documents are intended for use, additional requirements might apply and the processing time varies. For instance, the Vietnamese embassy in the U.S require all requested documents to be notarized by a notary republic and authenticated by the local State department before being submitted to the embassy for legalization, and processing takes 5-7 working days, whereas the China embassy offers same day, 3 days and 4 days options. Notarization and authentication are also required by the Libia embassy and Chinese embassy in the United States. Some countries may ask you to have your documents translated into their languages.

    Apostille.vip maintains amicable relations with the Chinese embassy and consulate in many countries,such as the U.S and the U.K. We have helped clienteles from around the world while they stay in the comfort of their own homes. The process of certificate embassy attestation can be a complicated one, but it does not have to be. Leave it to the professionals so that you can focus on the big picture!



    1.The documents to be processed need to be notarized and certified by the official institutions (we can also help you to notarize and certify the documents);
    2.The reception time of the certificated documents shall be based on the actual handling of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy. We are only responsible for the delivery and collection;

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