• Legalization of the Chinese Embassy in the US

    The US documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, power of attorney etc.) that are used in China, need to be legalized by the Chinese embassy in the US.

    Also, we can obtain an apostille for the US documents. If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to contact us: Tel: +852 30501814

  • Our American team is located in area of the Chinese Consulate General in New York. We have a very rich experience and are very trustworthy.
  • Process of American document legalization

    1. After receiving the American documents, we will get them to the local county clerk's office for certification. Before the scanned copies of the US documents are certificated, you should first obtain the notarization by the local notary public or issue a certified copy by the competent authority.
    2. We take documents certified by the county clerk to the state secretary for certification.
    3. We take documents certified by the state secretary to the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in the United States for certification. The certification of the Chinese Embassy is the last step. Once the documents are obtained, and The legalization of is completed.

    Time of legalizating the US documents

    It takes about 15 working days to legalize the US documents (including the shipment time from the United States to China).

    We provide US legalization expedited service, the time will be one week sent out from the US.

  • For more about legalization of the Chinese embassy in the United States, feel free to call us: Beijing +852 30501814 Shanghai: +86 021-60556791 Shenzhen: +86 0755-86963449
  • Example of the US legalization