• Embassy of China in Switzerland

    The so-called "dual certification" means that a document issued by a notary office in one country should undergo two certification procedures before being sent to another country for use (except for unilateral exemption from consular certification and the terms of agreement between the two parties);

  • The dual certification process of the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland: the first step: provide the documents to ASIMCO for notarization in Switzerland; the second part: after the notarization is submitted to the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs for certification; the third part: the documents are submitted to the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland for endorsement .

  • Handling process: Submit the documents to Yaxin Apostille-sign the agreement-pay the money-submit for processing-3 weeks to complete the processing-the document is delivered to the customer.

  • For consultation with Embassy of China in Switzerland, please call our phone: Beijing: +852 30501814