• Embassy of China in Italy

  • The legalization of documents like certificates and acts in the respective country from the countries of origin is a problem affecting immigrants who want to enforce them in Italy. For instance, documents required to get married in Italy are a birth certificate, authorization of marriage and other similar documents need to be legalized. It is quite difficult to proceed with self-certification. So it becomes important to get a professional service to get the legalization of documents in Italian embassy for complete attestation of legal documents.

    Self- certification gains recognition in general by the Italian law to simplify administrative work. In other words, foreign nationalists under the same conditions as an Italian citizen can self-certify, provided that they are known. For example, if a child of Chinese citizen is born in Italy, it will be possible to self-certify its birth. In contrast, if the child is born abroad it is not possible for parents to self-certify the birth in Italy because the child will not be known to any Italian public office.

    The process of legalizing documents in Italian embassy is quite a long process and needs expert assistance. If you wish to legalize the document originating from abroad, but destined for Italy, you should get the professional service or the Italian consulate in the country of origin. Moreover, it is important to legalize the sworn signatures of translators by the Italian consulate authorities.

    To get the legalization of documents in the Italian embassy, get your documents ready to avoid delay in the process. The process is quite complex and time-consuming, which a layman may not understand. The best is to hire a professional service accredited by the Italian Consulate and get all the process handled in a hassle-free way. You can connect with Apostille for complete assistance in the legalization and submission of documents.