• Legalization Commercial Power of Attonrney

    Double certification means that the documents issued by a notary public of a country should be completed in two separate certification before being used in another country (except for the unilateral exemption of consular certification and the terms of the agreement between the two parties).

  • Process of commercial power of attonrney embassy legalization

  • 1、Notarization: Chinese companies first apply for notarization of customs clearance at the local notary office (can apply for CCPIT certification, and we will help to obtain) to prove the authenticity of the commercial power of attonrney;

    2、Certification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: After the notarization of the documents, we can send to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for certification. Documents must be notarized to be certificated.

    3、embassy legalization: The Chinese document will be certified by the Chinese Embassy after it has been certified by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Process:submitting documents to us- signing the agreement - paying the payment - submitting for certification - certification finish - document is delivered to the customer

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