• China No Criminal Conviction Legalization

    The legalization of no ciminal conviction is the certification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the certification of the embassy. The legalization of no ciminal conviction refers to after completing the certification procedures of the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China or the foreign affairs office of the relevant province or city then certified by the embassy of the country in which the foreign certificate is used . In this way, having two certifications is often call Legalization no ciminal convictions.

  • Consular certification refers to the activities of a country's diplomatic, consular, and its authorized institutions to confirm the last signature (signature) or seal of a notary public, a corresponding agency, or a certification authority on a notarized document or other certification document.

  • Embassy legalization means that the diplomatic organization of a country and its authorized institution confirm the seal of the notary office or some special organs of the host country or the signature of the competent person of the organ in the foreign-related documents. A certified certificate has the force of law and can be recognized by the relevant authorities for the use of the document.

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