• CCPIT Legalization

    CCPIT commercial legalization
    The CCPIT Commercial legalization is an activity of the CCPIT to certify documents, certificates and facts related to international business activities in accordance with Chinese law, relevant regulations and international trade practices. Applicable to goods trade, service trade, technology trade, international contract engineering, intellectual property rights, foreign-related commercial litigation, investment, maritime and other fields.
    Scopt of CCPIT commercial legalization
    Contract and contract related documents
    Such as: offer, sales confirmation, contract, power of attorney, agency, company statement, etc.

    Natural person, legal person or its team economic organization subject qualification or subject qualification change instrument
    Such as: business license, company charter, general meeting of shareholders, board resolutions and company profiles, etc.

    Certificates and proofs issued by government agencies and departments
    Such as: enterprise import and export management right approval certificate, pesticide registration certificate, pharmaceutical production enterprise license, health permit, inspection certificate, free sales certificate, etc.;

    Credit Certificate
    Such as: audit report, bank credit certificate, insurance company statement, etc.;
    Registration, renewal, transfer of documents, patents or other intellectual property rights

    Trade-related documents
    Such as: price list, invoice, packing list, shipping company certificate, etc.;

    Documents related to business visas
    Such as: dispatch letter, business license, etc.;

    Other business certifications that need to be issued

  • The effect of CCPIT commercial legalization
    China's export goods can be smoothly cleared in the customs of the importing country;
    China's export goods can be successfully settled according to the requirements of the letter of credit;
    Intellectual property rights such as trademarks and patents owned by natural persons, legal persons and other economic organizations in China can be protected abroad;
    Provide certificates for companies that set up agencies, bids or contracted projects abroad;
    Provide relevant certificates for the production and sales license of the export port of China in the importing country;
    Provide proof of dispute mediation, arbitration or litigation in international commercial activities;