• Apostille

    An apostille can be obtained by any signatory member of the Hague Convention to certify a document for legal purpose in any other member states. Such process is considered as a second-level certification, which supplements a notarization. It only attests the signature and stamp of the notary public and does not verify the authentication of the content of the document.

    Apostille.VIP is headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and has been providing Hong Kong company registration and Apostille services since 2009. Every day, we receive requests from all over the world - international students from Korea, Spain; immigration agencies in Hungary, Cyprus; and multinational companiessuch as Samsung, Siemens China, PetroChina, Lenovo Group, Great Wall Motor and many more. For any queries, please contact us on +852 30501814!

    Our Strengths: With over a decade’s experience in helping clients obtain their apostille. We have established and maintained amicable relations withlaw firms,embassies and consulates in many countries; our payment system and document management system ensure that your money and privacy are secured during and after the process.

    Personal Documents: Marriage certificate; birth certificate; divorce certificate; adoption; foster care; kinship; death certificate; work experience; authorization certificate; declaration; green card certification; passport certification; invitation letter; single certificate; no criminal record; real estate certificate; transcript; academic certificate; professional qualification certificate; medical certificate.

    Corporate Documents: registration certificate; legal person qualification; agreement; free trade certificate; authorization certificate; declaration; certificate; appointment letter; trademark certificate; asset certificate; credit certificate; director information; shareholder information; company name change documents; invoice; certificate of origin; customs declaration; product certificate; product introduction and other company documents.

    Apostille by Country

    1: German apostille: original documents required; it takes up to 20 working days; please contact our consultants for service fees.

    2: New Zealand apostille: scanned copies will suffice;it takes about 2 weeks.

    3: Russian apostille: original documents are required; the processing time is 2-3 weeks.

    4: Colombian apostille: originals required;the process takes 6-8 working days.

    5: Ireland apostille: original documents are submitted; copies are optional.

    6: Swiss apostille: originals are required.

    7: U.Sapostille: scanned copies will suffice;processing time is about 5 working days.

    8: Japan apostille: original documents must be submitted.

    9: Australian apostille:original document or scanned copy.

    10: French apostille:original documents are a must.

    11: UK apostille: the process is complicated; for more details please contact our consultants.

    12: Hong Kong apostille: the process is complicated;for more details please contact our consultants.

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