• Transcript

  • A transcript is a record of a student’s academic performance issued by a school or university. It lists the courses, and grades received by a student during a study period. Unlike a diploma, it gives more insights into a student’s performance, and is often requested by grad schools or colleges to assess a candidate’s abilities and qualifications.

    Many students do not really care much about their transcripts as long as they can graduate with a degree or diploma; but for those who seek for further studies at graduate schools or study programs abroad; their GPAs are going to be one of the most important credentials to be taken into account. According to Wikipedia, there were over 5.6 million international students, with the United States accounting for roughly 1 million, more than 50% of which were from China and India. By contrast, the number of American students studying overseas is only one third of the overseas students in the U.S!

    Regardless of where international students are from and where they are going to study; it is certain that documents recording their academic performance, such as graduation certificate and transcript, will be required by the institution they apply to. As a matter of fact, transcripts and diplomas are the most common documents we apostille here at Yaxin. China and Hong Kong SAR are popular destinations for international students. Both places are home to many top universities in Asia.