• Trademark Certificate

  • A trademark is a sign, symbol, word(s), or design legally registered for representing a product, service or a company or any other legal entity. When you trademark a design or expression, you get a trademark certificate that allows you to enjoy exclusive rights to use the design or expression since it is protected by law. Today, trademarks are of paramount importance in the business world. Not only do they help consumers and clients identify you among others but also connect themselves with your brand. Without a trademark, it would be difficult to build a brand that sticks around for years or longer; or even worse, others may use your brand and logo to deceive customers if you do not have a trademark certificate which allows you to sue them when this happens.

    A good trademark should be recognizable, easy to identify, concise, meaningful, and perhaps more importantly, congruent with the values, image, and nature of the company or organization. This should be well thought through prior to trademark registration. The whole process of filing for a trademark is not so complicated but the preparation work can be daunting; it is never an easy thing to come up with a good trademark that is unique and innovative. But it is highly recommended given how competitive the market is and the ubiquity of intellectual infringement and theft.

    Normally, a trademark certificate is only valid and protected in the local market or jurisdiction. One state or country can’t force its laws on others. That’s why multinationals and big entities are inclined to register their trademarks and logos in every nation where they operate or conduct business.