• Single Certificate

  • What is a single certificate?

    A single certificate also known as a single status certificate is a document proving that the concerned individual holds no marriage record or is currently unmarried.

    Why and when do you need a single certificate?

    A single certificate is often requested when someone is planning to marry overseas. Recent years have seen a surge in international marriages. For example, according to the statistics, more and more Chinese people are tying knot with foreigners, as China further integrates itself in globalization. A single status certificate serves as proof to the concerned authorities abroad that you are single and can legally enter into marriage. It usually includes your full name, date of birth, place of birth, name(s) of your parent(s), and so on. Ifyou have been divorced or widowed, you will be asked to provide a certified copy of your divorce certificate or your spouse’s death certificate.

    Given the difficulty in doing background checks on foreign nationals (since their information is kept in the portal of their own governments), it is necessary to request documentation such as,single certificate. Such certificates, more often than not, need to be notarized by a notary republic and have to be legalized with the embassy or consulate before they are submitted to the concerned party. If it is in a foreign language, it will first have to be translated to the target language.