• Registration Certificate

  • A registration certificate, or Company Registration Certificate (CRI) is a document certifying the successful registration of a business or company. In India, it is issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. In the United States, it is also known as Articles of Incorporation, issued by the state in which the new entity is registered and, more often than not, operates. A registration certificate allows the state or government to identify the business with a unique registration number on it.They usually include your entity name, business address, entity type and so on.

    What a registration certificate to a business or company is what an ID card to an adult citizen. Both documents basically serve the same purpose. In order to file for company registration, one has to have all the necessary documents submitted to the concerned office. In many countries, you can submit up to 3 proposed names for your business in the order of preference. But eventually, only one name will be approved.

    To register a business or company is complicated and requires a lot of paper work. If you wish to set up a business abroad, things are more complicated. You must translate all your documents and have them legalized before they can be used in another country, let alone submitting the right document at the right time.There will always be something missing or wrong.