• Professional Qualification Certificate

  • Professional qualification is the process wherea person proves that he or she possesses the skills, knowledge and/or experience to do a particular job or task. A professional qualification certificate is issued to the bearer who has undergone the training necessary to work in a specific profession. In many countries, it is a prerequisite for anyone to pursue a career in law, accounting, auditing, professing, stock broker, and so on. Such process usually takes the form of a test. For example, an individual who wants to be a lawyer must pass the bar exam. Many professions that require or offer certification are coordinated by the association and are governed by the state in which the certificate holder practices. Information regarding the requirements, time and date of the test, can be found at the government’s website.

    It is important to have a professional qualification certificate since it assuresyour customer, partner, employer and every concerned party that your credentials are verified by a trust-worth organization or association, and you are therefore capable of performing your job with utmost perfection. In an economy where division of labor prevails, almost everyone is obliged to earn the qualification for whatever they are engaged in, especially in highly specialized fields. Chinese undergraduates and university graduates are notoriously obsessed with qualifications. Every year six to eight million students graduate from colleges and universities. The intense competition in the job market leads students to start preparing early in order to obtain as many certifications as possible.

    If you intend to find a job abroad, having such certification is not enough. You need to have them legalized for use in a foreign country. The process of legalization is required because the qualifications you have obtained in one country are not recognized in another. You must attest them!