• Product Certificate

  • When two companies start to trade for the first time, the buyer might request documents from the seller that attest the quality of a product to be transacted. Such documents, more often than not, are issued by a third party. Any document that serves the same purpose can be called a product certificate or quality certificate. A product certificate confirms the product described therein meets certain criteria, which can be industry standards or specific requirements agreed to by both the parties involved in a transaction.

    In international trade, product certificates are of great importance because it is difficult for the buyer to inspect goods on the seller’s site. Having a product certificate issued by a prestigious third party greatly reduces the risks of financial loss due to defective or inferior products. Sometimesa quality certificateissued by the seller themselves can also be accepted if they are proven to be trustworthy enough.

    A product certificate usually includes item name, quantity, part number, supplier name, buyer name, and contract and/or invoice number. Generally speaking, it is not very difficult to certify your products unless they are totally new on the market. There are many associations, companies that can certify your products for a fee. All you need to do is find a third-party that is trusted by the seller!