Where is the Apostille Processed?

     Where is the apostille processed? This requires first understanding what is an apostille. The apostille is a convenient way of processing the certification of transnational documents used by Hague member states. Generally speaking, if a document has obtained an apostille, it can be used in other Hague members. It’s different from the embassy legalization.


    So, where can we obtain an apostille?

    The apostille is usually processed by the foreign ministry or the State Council, in Hong Kong, it’s processed by the high court. However, these institutions have no way to identify documents such as powers of attorney as there will be too many workloads. Therefore, these documents must be certified by a lawyer.

    Therefore, under normal circumstances, the apostille requires a lawyer to handle it.


     The United States apostille will be processed by the US Secretary of State or the State Council. According to the different documents, the institutions will be different. For example, ordinary documents can be certified by lawyers and sent to the Secretary of State. If there is no criminal record issued by FBI, it needs to be delivered to the US State Department to handle it.


    The process for an apostille in Hong Kong is: the original documents that need to be Kong High Court for apostille and stamped. This is the whole process of apostille. If you need to translate then you need to translate in advance, then obtain an apostille.