• Medical Certificate

  • A medical certificate is a written statement from a doctor that certifies the result of a medical examination of a patient, who may use it as a sick note or evidence of a health condition.

    Medical certificates are very important for various reasons; employees use it to prove their health condition when taking sick leave; students might also be required to submit the same for their absence from class; failing to provide a medical certificate from a physician or health care provider could lead them to being fired, fined, admonished or dropping out of school.

    Medical certificates are vital records of a patient’s health condition, especially for patients seeking alternative care at another hospital or being transferred to another city or country for better treatment, which is catching on in recent years as more and more people are able to afford travel outside their home city or country. There are companies and organizations who are dedicated to providing such services for patients originally from places where medical resources are scarce or more expensive. This is a known fact that some nations enjoy better health care: more advanced medical equipment, better skilled physicians, and surgeons. Travelers seeking medical treatment must submit their medical certificate to apply for a special visa. The medical certificate should be notarized and attested for use in a foreign country. And in some cases, a certified translation copy might be required together with other documents.

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