• Invitation Letter

  • Invitation letters are something that may sound very common and are taken lightly nowadays. An invitation letter is intended to invite someone or a group of people to an event: graduation ceremony, wedding, birthday party, inauguration, exhibition and so on. It may be written to show to the concerned authorities that the person coming to visit you from another country is going to stay with you. This is often requested by the embassy or consulate before granting a visa to the visitor.

    Depending on the occasion, an invitation letter can be either informal or formal. An informal letter may contain the key information such as, time and place of the upcoming event where as a formal invitation, aside from information regarding the occasion, uses formal and polite language,  especially in the case ofany business exchange. For instance, a prospect buyer from a foreign country may want to visit the seller in China before making a buying decision, and a formal invitation letter may be requested by the buyer in order to obtain a Chinese visa. Such an invitation letter must be written in formal language, detailing the dates of the visit and information about both the concerned parties. In some cases, a business invitation letter may be required to be notarized by a notary republic under the request of an embassy or consulate. 

    Writing an invitation letter may sound easy, but in reality it can be quite tricky to write something that stands out or suits its purpose. Always make sure that all the elements are covered in it and pay attention to your choice of words! Find an agency to handle it and help you out, in case the letter needs to be attested.