• Declaration Certificate

  • The declaration is a statement made by a party for a legal transaction that is usually not under an oath, according to the Merrriam Webster dictionary. The declaration is mandatory at most customs if your valuables or cash exceeds a certain limit imposed by law and regulations of the country or jurisdiction you are about to enter. Declarations can be made in many ways and their purposes vary, but they are all made out to prove something.

    Under certain circumstance, one can be prosecuted or penalized if they are found to be deliberately lying or misleading in their declarations. In the UK, for example, a statutory declaration is a statement of fact drafted and signed in the presence of a solicitor or a notary public. It is created and presented to the authorities to prove the person’s marital status, residency status, and the like. Any false information found in a statutory declaration could lead to the person making the declaration being charged. At times, an individual may find it necessary to make a declaration proving they are the same person under another name,such as in the case of applying for a visa.

    Declarations intended to use abroad will need to be validated through an apostille or embassy legalization, depending on whether the country is a signatory member to the Hague Apostille Convention. If you are not sure which process is required, you can call us or leave us a message on the website, we will reach out shortly!