• Company Name Change Documents

  • When incorporating a company, up to 3 proposed company names can be submitted to the registrar or other concerned officials for approval. And it is unknown which name will eventually be approved. Therefore it is highly recommended that no other documents be apostilled or legalized concerning the company name to be incorporated. Otherwise, company name change documents would have to be prepared and you would have to go through the same process over again, which is economically inefficient and time-consuming. A better idea is to have every document drafted, signed and stamped,and do not initiate the legalization process until the proposed names have been verified by a professional to be workable. Even so, it is still up to the registrar to whether or not accept the proposed business name.

    After the company has been successfully registered, it is not uncommon that the owner of the company wants to change their business name, which can be done with all the necessary documentation. Depending on the entity type, the process for changes a business name varies, so do the required company name change documents. So if you truly believe that you’d be better off choosing another name for your business, you’d better consult a specialist or lawyer before jumping into any conclusion or rushing to any decisions. Changing your company name can have serious implications and definitely affects your future operations and branding.

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