• Authorization Certificate

  • In the corporate world, authorization certificate is a document stating that a person is authorized to act for, and on behalf of a business or a company, or certifying that a person, organization, or any other party is granted permission to use, distribute or resell a service or product owned by the issuer. This is very common when businesses want to conduct activities in areas to which access is restricted, and would opt to have someone else engaged in such activites on their behalf.

    Certificates of authorization are also commonin other forms of organization. A government, for example, may issue an authority certificate to prove and justify the outcome of an election. It is similar as the case of a company appointing its employee or a third party to act as its representative in dealing with affairs that require expertise or special training. At an individual level, authorization certificates serve the same purpose with the same effect as in other settings. For example, an individual may make out a statement to entrust another person to claim his/her luggage at an airport or his ID documents at the police office.

    In the years we have been providing apostille, it is not uncommon for customers to have someone else to come to our office to take care of the matter on their behalf.

    If the client can’t come to pick the apostille document, they will need to make out an authorization letter.