• Appointment Letter

  • An appointment letter is an official document issued by a company or any other entity stating its decision to choose someone for a particular position or to carry out a specific task, which can be temporary or permanent. An appointment letter differs from an offer letter; the former is a mutually-agreed document between a company and a candidate confirming that the candidate in question will take a particular job, whereas the latter is yet to be confirmed by the recipient.

    Appointment letters are one of the most common documents in the business world. Apart from appointing its own staff for a particular position or activity, a company may also enter into an agreement with a third-party individual to carry out tasks on their behalf, especially when the task requires expertise. These individuals are inclined to designate a local person or agency to conduct business in the local market. Other cases include situations where it is virtually impossible for the company to perform the task on their own because of the law or other factors.

    There are many appointment letter templates out there. Generally an appointment letter should include some basic information regarding the candidate, hiring company or organization, the title of the position, and so on. It may vary depending on the nature of the job. Company letterhead should appear on an appointment letter, signed and stamped by the company.