• Academic Certificate

  • It is often argued that today’s education system was designed to meet the needs of mass production and the division of labor, with every person specializing in one particular field. Universities across the globe are divided into colleges and departments, churning out diploma by the thousands; students major in different subjects, trying their best to obtain as many certifications as they could. It seems that having an academic certificate is a sure pass to a brighter future!

    Students enrolled in certain programs who have earned certain credits or have successfully completed a course, or passed an exam will receive an academic certificate. It can be a diploma, a language certificate,and likewise. This helps them to move ahead in their future careers or studies, since it serves as an evidence or proof that a specific individual has successfully completed an education program or course.

    An academic certification is probably more important in today’s world than ever before, as higher education continues to expand across borders and technology advances. In order to stand out, undergraduate students in China are enrolling themselves in all sorts of programs to earn a certification or a degree, which in turn, will increase their chances of securing a job after graduation! Globally, more and more people are going back to school to earn a degree or diploma because of slashed jobs due to Covid-19. What the future holds in store remains unclear, but getting another academic certificate is the evidence of how many people are preparing themselves for the post-pandemicera!